largest political organizations on the Eastern Shore with both statewide and national recognition. Today the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus covers Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester counties and is unaffiliated with any political party. Our organization is committed to empowering working people and accomplish that goal by building a Progressive Movement both locally and on a larger scale to elect progressive representatives, enact progressive legislation, and create a government that represents the many not just the powerful few by working to solve the economic, political, social, racial, and environmental injustices we face.

Our History

On February 3, 2017, just a few weeks after Donald Trump was elected, Ryan Poe, Michael Feldman, Mark Chimel, and Jared Schablein met for the first time at a Wicomico County Democratic Club Meeting. During the 2016 presidential election, all four were strong Bernie Sanders supporters and wanted to build an organization to continue the political revolution by building and growing the Progressive Movement on the Lower Eastern Shore. The four went on to found the Wicomico Progressive Caucus to build a movement of working people and eventually the organization expanded to cover the entire Lower Eastern Shore and adopted the name the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus.  Since that time the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus has grown into one of the

It is the mission of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus PAC to promote the election and re-election of candidates for public office who share progressive ideals and causes.

Our Mission

Dr. Sharon Washington

Community Outreach Committee Chair

Dr. Sharon Washington, a Somerset resident and retired AFSCME member, is a well-respected religious leader deeply involved in several local groups within her community. Her dedication to planning community events and actively participating in grassroots initiatives has made a significant impact on the Lower Shore area. With a passion for building the movement across the region, Dr. Washington's leadership continues to foster unity, engagement, and positive growth within her community.

Tyler Jones Sr. is dedicated to empowering and educating our community on important news, issues, and events through both traditional and new forms of media. Leveraging his expertise in various communication platforms, he has played a pivotal role in spreading awareness and knowledge about the growing Progressive movement on the Shore. His innovative approach in using media as an educational tool underscores his commitment to fostering informed and engaged citizenry.

Communications Committee Chair

Tyler Jones

Ryan Malone has been a steadfast member of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus since its founding, dedicating his efforts to the vital cause of protecting democracy and civil rights. His involvement has been instrumental in shaping the organization's stance on various key issues and has contributed significantly to community initiatives. Malone's unwavering commitment to social justice and political progress continues to inspire and lead the Caucus's mission towards a more equitable future.

Legislative Committee Chair

Ryan Malone

Luc Angelot was born and raised in Salisbury. He graduated from “Wi-Hi” in 2021. Being the son of Pastor Samuel Angelot (of Ebenezer Baptist Church) and Marie Angelot, both immigrants from Haiti, he learned the importance of public service from an early age. Luc is the last of six children who graduated from Wicomico High School. 

Luc believes in listening to and fighting for the underdog. Whether it be First-Gen members of the community, BIPOC individuals, members of the LGBT+ community, or any group that feels unheard in local government.

Electoral Committee Chair

Luc M. Angelot

Coming from his birth nation of Sweden, Lennart has always been committed to advancing causes that protect working people and the rights of all. He has been 
a lifelong proud progressive voter and proudly supports the political agenda of LSPC. Lennart joined the LSPC to build the Progressive movement on the Lower Shore. 


Lennart Elmlund

I’ve always been an environmentalist, but the atrocities of the W. Bush administration drew my attention to liberal politics. The ‘16 Sanders campaign solidified the information I had gathered in the intervening years and presented the kind of holistic, structural change we need if we’re going to be able to thrive as a species, much less survive ourselves.

Vice Chair

Ryan Poe

I have been involved in Progressive politics since I was 12 years old. The effects of the Great Recession of 2008 on my community and the 2016 Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign inspired me to push for Progressive change. I plan to spend my entire life organizing and building the Progressive movement here on the Eastern Shore. 


Jared Schablein

Our Team